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Enhancing performance, redefining standards.

In the world of automotive tuning, where the pursuit of optimal performance is the guiding principle, the WOT brand emerges with a unique approach, far from the conventional terms of "stages" found everywhere else.

A Terminology Unique to WOT

Why speak of WOT1, WOT2, and WOT3 instead of simple "stages"? The answer lies in our innovative vision. Each of our sets, be it WOT1 or WOT3, is meticulously designed to meet specific needs. Take WOT1, for example. It may include essential performance parts, ensuring optimal vehicle performance. On the other hand, WOT3 could focus on more targeted improvements, such as turbo replacements. This diversity of possibilities has naturally led to the creation of terminology specific to WOT, in perfect harmony with our unique approach to engine reprogramming.

Frictionless Evolution: From WOT1 to WOT3

A frequently asked question concerns the possibility of transitioning from a WOT1 set to a WOT3 set. The answer is a resounding yes. We offer a solution we call the "gateway." This gateway provides a smooth transition, allowing automotive optimization enthusiasts to enhance their performance over time. For specific details on this evolution opportunity, feel free to contact our sales department, ready to guide every step of your journey towards ever-enhanced performance.

WOT2: The Compromise?

WOT2 represents a significant performance improvement, deployed only in the presence of a substantial gain compared to WOT1 and when the application of WOT3 is unfortunately not possible. The Golf 8 R will be the first vehicle to integrate WOT2. The performance gap induced by WOT2, combined with the accompanying performance components, offers an exceptional driving experience, surpassing the usual standards for a vehicle in this category.

Uncompromising Performance on Reliability

One of the most legitimate concerns of car enthusiasts is reliability. Choosing a WOT1, WOT2, or WOT3 set does not compromise the reliability of your vehicle in any way. With over 15 years of experience in the field of engine tuning, having created several specialized companies, we have channeled our expertise into the design of WOT. Our primary goal has been to redefine the standards of engine reprogramming while preserving the integrity and reliability of the vehicle. With WOT, you can trust in optimized performance without sacrificing the durability of your car.

By choosing WOT, you are betting on automotive optimization that goes beyond expectations, aligning our values with unparalleled expertise and a forward-thinking vision. Because at WOT, each set is a unique experience, crafted to deliver outstanding performance and an incomparable driving experience to your vehicle.

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