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Our values

Who are we

Passionate about the automotive world, we fiercely uphold the pleasure of driving through our relentless quest for innovative experiences. With solid experience of more than 15 years in the field of engine calibration optimization, our commitment goes far beyond mere passion: it is a real obsession. The challenge? To explore unexplored territories! Territories that may frighten some. These same territories that arouse our enthusiasm and push us to give our best for the benefit of an incomparable driving experience. Our mission? To provide an unequalled customer experience.

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WOT embodies the quintessence of our achievements over the years of research into engine optimization. More specifically, countless hours devoted to analyzing the handling of the vehicle in all situations. This empirical work has shown us what was obvious: the need to improve performance through the careful design of tailor-made high-performance parts to meet a degree of exigency whose foundations we were laying.

Today, WOT operates in a market where merely a tiny number of professionals have the ability to significantly increase the performance of a vehicle while rigorously complying with the environmental standards in place. According to our philosophy, high standards and excellence go hand in hand. These standards bring real added value to the market because we guarantee an unparalleled driving experience that is at the same time accountable and environmentally conscious.

Over the past 15 years, the automotive landscape has undergone profound changes. Facing an uncertain future where nothing is set in stone, one thing is certain: in 2023, the year of writing of these lines, optimizations that inhibit anti-pollution devices no longer have their place. Our commitment to a responsible and environmentally friendly approach is unwavering and reflects our conviction. Excellence and sustainability are the pillars of the future of the automotive industry.

The values we share


    We are unyielding, uncompromising. Our relentless quest: a quest for excellence aimed at capturing this “last nugget” of sensation, one that distinguishes for connoisseurs the mechanics of art, the sound of the music of an engine.

    WOT is a leading engineering brand that thinks, designs and manufactures its products with absolute quality and rigor. We do this while scrupulously respecting the compliance standards in force.

    A vehicle reprogrammed by WOT provides incredible, indescribable results and sensations. Each acceleration becomes an exhilarating and unforgettable experience on the road.

    This concern is not only technical but also ecological. We are talking about elegance, design, beauty, and sustainability. The WOT brand and its products combine sophistication, simplicity, and clarity to offer you a unique car.